David Koester


Book Reviews

Book Author(s) Journal Date/Reference
Inuit Morality Play:  The Emotional Education of a Three-Year-Old (Yale University Press, 1998) Jean L. Briggs American Ethnologist Aug. 2000 27(3):750-1
Icelandic Spiritualism:  Mediumship and Modernity in Iceland (Transaction Publishers, 1997) William H. Swatos, Jr. and Loftur Reimar Gissurarson Scandinavian Studies 1998, 70(1):149-150
Children and the Politics of Culture (Princeton University Press, 1995) Sharon Stephens, ed. American Anthropologist 1997, 99:417-418
Icelandic Essays, explorations in the anthropology of modern life (Rudi Publishing, 1995) Paul Durrenberger Scandinavian Studies 1997, 69(1):138-139
Island of anthropology:  Studies in past and present Iceland ( Odense University Press, 1990) Kirsten Hastrup Ethnologia Scandinavica 1992,  22:163-164
Bloodtaking and Peacemaking:  Feud, Law and Society in Saga Iceland (University of Chicago Press, 1990) William Ian Miller Ethnohistory 1992, 39(2):224-226