Kamchatka Ethnographic-Ecological Expedition 1993-94

Volume 1

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Volume 3


Training and Participation

Arkady Kile very swiftly learned to operate the Mac Color Classic that we brought along for the village school. He participated in the production of the paper almost from the start. Head of the Cultural Restoration Council, Oleg Zaporotsky was supportive from the outside and provided photocopying.

Verkhny Khairiuzovo, Winter 1994



Participants - Viktoria Petrasheva, Ingrid Summers, Jonathan D. Bobaljik, David Koester


The Newspaper Project

In working with the Itelmen Cultural Restoration Council to start a local newspaper we had hoped to do several things. We wanted to let people in the village of Kovran know what kinds of things we were doing in our project and provide a forum for people to share information. With the loss of the village clubhouse to fire in 1992, the central meeting place was gone and many complained of not knowing what was happening. The need for information was made more acute by the rapid changes that were taking place--loss of services such a phone and electricity, change of subsistence policies, etc. Publication ended for reasons both political and practical. The main practical issue was getting paper and toner to continue to make the copies.