Kamchatka Ethnographic-Ecological Expedition 1993-94

Itelmen Plant Names and Plant Uses

The pdf file which you can download below is a summary of information gathered by Ingrid Summers in Kovran in 1993-94. She worked primarily with Tamara Petrovna Slobodchikova, Valentina Dmitrievna Zaporotskaya, Anastasia (Nadya) Pritchina as well as other members of the community. The summary provided in this document was presented at an exhibit in the Kovran school museum in spring of 1994. These are in a sense summarized raw data rather than a final report. No further work has been done on these materials. They are provided here in case this information might be of use. If you have corrections or supplemental information, please send them to me at ffdck using uaf.edu after the @ sign. We do have some plant samples preserved with these written data. Sorry, the Russian character 'shch' doesn't come out on the pdf - I'm working on this.
Exhibit - Itelmen plants (pdf)
photo - Sopochnoe River 2003 (dk)