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Religious Belief and Practice in Itelmen history:  The Historical Efficacy of Ideological Frameworks Koester, D., Viktoria Petrasheva and Tatiana Degai - Sibirica, 13(2): 5-27. 2014.
Shades of Deep Salmon: Fish, Fishing and Itelmen Cultural History. Keystone Nations: Indigenous Peoples and Salmon Across the North Pacific, B. J. Colombi & J. F. Brooks (eds), Santa Fe: School for Advanced Research, pp. 47–64. 2012.
Itelmen Stories: Filming a Past Practice in a Disappearing Language" Koester, D. and Liivo Niglas - Sibirica, 10(3):55-81. 2011.
Documentary Filming on the Edge: Past, Present, and Future in the Documenting of Language Loss in Practical Contexts Koester, D. and Liivo Niglas in Histories From the North: Environments, Movements and Narratives, Boise: Boise State University , John Ziker and Florian Stammler, eds. pp. 48-54. 2011.
Crosscutting Narratives: Legacies of Religious Repression and Resistance in Soviet Kamchatka Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology 36(1):77-92. 2011. Click here to receive a free copy.
Возвращение к «Деяниям Асдиваля»: «малый» камчатский миф в свете теорий Ф. Боаса и К. Леви-Строса Этнографическое обозрение, No. 6, pp. 4-18. 2008. Online at EO.
Community participation in international projects: an analytical perspective from the Russian Far East Wilson, Emma & David Koester, in Environment, Development and Sustainability, 10:267-290. 2008. (Online at): springerlink
The Power of Insult: Ethnographic Publication and Emergent Nationalism in the Sixteenth Century Central Sites, Peripheral Visions: Cultural and Institutional Crossings in the History of Anthropology. History of Anthropology, Vol. 11. R. Handler, ed. pp. 8-40. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press. 2006.
Reputation and Deliberate History in Saga Iceland Language, Culture and the Individual. A Tribute to Paul Friedrich. Catherine O’Neil, Mary Scoggin and Kevin Tuite, eds. Lincom Europa, pp. 128-148. 2006.
Global Movements and Local Historical Events:  Itelmens of Kamchatka Appeal to the United Nations

American Ethnologist
32(4):642-659. 2005.
abstract and full text available: anthrosource

Publicity and Native Life in the 21st Century (abstract)

Proceedings of the 19th International Abashiri Symposium. 2005.
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Asdiwal revisité : Boas et Lévi-Strauss face à un ‘petit’ mythe du Kamtchatka. (online reprint of below).

Numéro 8 - nov. : http://www.ethnographiques.org/2005/Koester.html 2005. [Includes translations into French of three versions of the Asdiwal tale (by Patrick Plattet and Maïté Agopian) and pdfs of the original texts.]

Dérive d'un mythe dans le Pacifique Nord: La Geste d'Asdiwal inversée
Note: There were several serious omissions in the first few pages of the text (printing errors); corrections here. A full version, with corrections online at ethnographiques.org, above.

Les Temps Modernes
(Août-Sep.-Oct.) 628:75-97. 2004.

Drink, Drank, Drunk: A Social-Political Grammar of Russian Drinking Practices in a Colonial Context

Anthropology of East Europe Review
21(2):41-47. 2003.
(full text, pdf)

Life in Lost Villages: Home, Land, Memory and the Senses of Loss in Post-Jesup Kamchatka (abstract) Constructing Cultures Then and Now: Celebrating Franz Boas and the Jesup North Pacific Expedition. Laurel Kendall and Igor Krupnik, eds. Washington: Arctic Studies Center, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, pp. 269-283. 2003. (introduction)

When the Fat Raven Sings: Mimesis and Environmental Alterity in Kamchatka's Environmentalist Age

People and the Land: Pathways to Reform in Post-Soviet Siberia. Erich Kasten, ed. Berlin: Dietrich Reimer Verlag, pp. 45-62. 2002.
(full text available at:

Imagination and play in children's reflections on cultural life:  Implications for cultural continuity and educational practice (abstract)

Bicultural Education in the North:  Ways of Preserving and Enhancing Indigenous Peoples' Languages and Traditional Knowledge, Erich Kasten, ed. Waxmann, pp. 29-45. 1998.
full text available at: http://www.siberian-studies.org/publications/PDF/bekoester.pdf

Childhood in National Consciousness and National Consciousness in Childhood (abstract)

4(1):127-144. 1997.

National Childhood: Expression of Icelandic National Identity in Icelandic Life Writing Imagined Childhoods, Marianne Gullestad, ed.  Scandinavian University Press, pp. 137-157. 1996.
The Social and Temporal Dimensions in Icelandic Obituarial Discourse (abstract) Journal of Linguistic Anthropology
5(2):157-182. 1995.
full text available: anthrosource
Gender Ideology and Nationalism in the Culture and Politics of Iceland (abstract)

American Ethnologist
22(3):572-588. 1995.
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Icelandic Confirmation Ritual In Cultural-Historical Perspective (abstract)

Scandinavian Studies
Vol. 67(4):476-515. 1995.
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Theory Selection in Particle Physics:  A Quantitative Case Study of the Evolution of the Weak-Electromagnetic Unification Theory (abstract) with D. Sullivan, and D. H. White, Social Studies of Science, Vol. 12, 73-100. 1982.
full text pdf: JSTOR
Understanding Rapid Theoretical Change in Particle Physics: A Month-by-Month Co-Citation Analysis (abstract) Sullivan, D., D. Koester, D. H. White, and R. Kern
Scientometrics, Vol. 2(4) 309-19. 1980.
Survival in Particle Physics: An Analysis of Experimentalists' Persistence in Research

Sullivan, D., D. Koester, and D. H. White
Scientia Yugoslavica, Vol. 6(1-4) 191-20. 1980.