Kamchatka Ethnographic-Ecological Expedition 1993-94

"Weekly Tea" - Gatherings with Elders

Community Newspaper

Itelmen Language
(J. D. Bobaljik)

Plants and Plant Uses
(I. Summers)

Itelmen Music

Life Histories

Historical Maps


Publications and Reports

Verkhny Khairiuzovo, Winter 1994



Participants - Viktoria Petrasheva, Ingrid Summers, Jonathan D. Bobaljik, David Koester


Project Sponsors and Collaborations

NCSEER - National Council for Soviet and East European Research

KIEP - Kamchatka Institute of Ecology and Nature Management, R. S. Moiseev, Director

KIEP is a research institute, a branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Far East Division. It engages in all forms of ecological research, including impact assessments (ekspertizy), wildlife and resources management studies and economic and social research.